What are uPVC Windows?

If you’ve looked into building your own home, or making the change to double-glazing, there is a good chance you’ve come across a product called uPVC. But what exactly is uPVC, and why is it so highly regarded? Together let’s dive deeper into what uPVC actually is, how it works and why it’s currently one of the highest quality products available for framing your double-glazed windows and doors.


What is uPVC?
uPVC, also known as unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, is a BPA-free, durable and rigid form of plastic. It provides a reliable and long-lasting support for double-glazed windows and doors, especially as it doesn’t flex at all, even over time. It is also commonly used in medical and dental equipment, as it is BPA-free and very safe to use in a number of medical products and procedures! uPVC is used around the globe, with its popularity growing in recent years.


What can uPVC be used for?
There are many ways to use uPVC, especially as it becomes more popular amongst builders and designers alike. Products such as window frames and sills, cladding and doors can all be made using uPVC.

uPVC products can be used in homes, offices and commercial buildings. In Australia, it is important to purchase uPVC with a certain level of quality, as the needs of the product may be greater than an overseas product can provide. In a European climate, for example, the weather puts less pressure on the uPVC, therefore the products are created to best suit that climate. An Australian uPVC manufacturer, like Thermotek, can best understand the needs of the Australian consumer and create products to last any and all conditions!


What are the main advantages of uPVC?
There are a number of impressive benefits to using uPVC. uPVC helps keep your windows and doors air and water tight. It also provides your home or office with a high level of insulation and noise-proofing, amongst other things. uPVC doors and windows can also add a new level of security. Below are some of the reasons why uPVC is highly favoured among builders and homeowners alike.


Good for the Environment
There are many environmental benefits to uPVC. Not only is uPVC energy efficient, it is also long-lasting and, at the end of its life, fully recyclable. This combination makes uPVC one of the more environmentally friendly building options on the market. It is also worth noting the energy saving qualities of uPVC. By using uPVC you are able to conserve more energy, meaning less wasted electricity and resources! If you’re an environmentally aware builder, or home owner, uPVC is the product for you.


Easy to Maintain
uPVC is a very low maintenance building material, as it doesn’t ever warp under intense heat, or erode over time. If scratches occur, they can often be polished out. uPVC windows don’t need to be touched-up or coated to prevent bacteria or chemical erosion, like with timber or aluminum alternatives. All you have to do to maintain uPVC windows is clean them as necessary! The weather resistant properties of uPVC is one of the main reasons why they are so popular in the Australian climate, where weather can often swing between extremes; it is important to have windows you know can withstand any conditions thrown their way.


uPVC is easy to produce, lightweight and affordable. Thermotek’s uPVC is Australian made, the best value for price. uPVC windows are easy to build with and transport, and they provide high-quality insulation with style.


Time and Money Saving
uPVC windows are energy efficient, and help to insulate your home, reducing the cost of your energy bills. It’s hard not to notice the difference, as uPVC windows help keep the heat out in summer, and keep the heat in during winter. They are also long-lasting, meaning you won’t need replacements or repairs for many years to come. uPVC windows are easy to maintain, with no need for touch-ups, saving you time for the things that really matter! uPVC provides you with a reduced electricity bill, and more time on your hands, a winning situation all round.


What makes Thermotek’s uPVC ideal for the Australian climate?
At Thermotek, we recognise that Australian conditions require tough, durable products to best suit the changing, and often extreme, climate. Our uPVC has higher levels of UV stabiliser. Higher levels of UV stabiliser means that the uPVC won’t fade over time under the harsh UV rays across Australia.

Our windows and doors are Australian made, unlike a lot of other uPVC products that are imported from Europe or china into Australia. While these best suit the climate in Europe, they can’t withstand Australian conditions. The weather in Australia is harsher, putting much higher strain on the windows. This is why having uPVC windows made for the Australian climate, by Australian’s, is necessary to reap the benefits on offer.


Thermotek Quality uPVC
We understand that it is important to choose the highest quality products for your home or project. Not only does uPVC provide your home with a variety of benefits, it is also a modern and stylish option for those looking to maintain the style of their home. uPVC windows are available in a range of styles, and with a high quality surface finish and contoured profiles, there is a framing style to suit whatever needs you might have!

Thermotek Windows & Doors are one of Australia’s leading double-glazing manufacturers. Thermotek manufactures and installs the highest quality of Australian made windows and doors, all with leading quality uPVC framing. Our products are designed to best withstand the Australian climate, unlike other products sourced from overseas! If you are looking for quality, uPVC framed windows and doors then look no further than Thermotek! Contact us today to find out more about our uPVC products.

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COVID-19 Update: Stage 4 Lockdown
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