How to make your home more energy efficient with uPVC

There are many reasons as to why you might be interested in making your home or business more energy efficient. Recently, many Australian’s have been looking for energy efficiency solutions, both to save money on their power bills and help the environment. It can be confusing to know which products are right for you and your home, with so many different opinions online claiming to have the solution. We want to help make it easier, by explaining why Australian made uPVC is one of the easiest and most effective ways to make your home energy efficient.


So, what exactly is uPVC and what can it be used for?
uPVC is a versatile material, used for a wide range of things! Short for unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, uPVC is a type of plastic that is BPA-free, sturdy and long-lasting. When used as a framing material for double-glazed windows and doors, it provides reliable support that can withstand Australian conditions without needing constant maintenance. It is also interesting to note that many medical and dental products are made using uPVC, as it is BPA-free and therefore a safe product for them to use!


The main uses of uPVC, however, are in the building industry. Over time, uPVC has grown in popularity tremendously, capturing the attention of both builders and designers. Because of this, the range of uPVC products available includes window frames and sills, cladding and doors. These products can be used in any building, from your home or office, to commercial buildings.


How does uPVC make your home more energy efficient?
Now that you understand what uPVC is, you’ll want to know exactly how uPVC improves the energy efficiency of your home! uPVC products create a high level of insulation, which helps to maintain the temperature in your home or office. The durability of uPVC allows it to stay air tight, as well as ensure that it will never crack or succumb to rot like alternative framing options. These properties allow uPVC to help save you money on your electricity bills, as the need for constant heating or cooling will be greatly reduced.


At Thermotek, our uPVC window frames comprise of multiple air chambers and Dual TPE seals, for a completely sealed and insulated frame. This eliminates airflow and improves the properties of the uPVC framing, creating a window or door that will provide top quality energy efficiency all year round.


uPVC is also a very environmentally friendly building material, for those who want to save energy in a sustainable way. Not only is uPVC long-lasting, in turn creating less waste, it is also recyclable, lowering its economic footprint. As a result of its energy efficient properties, the power you save on heating and cooling also contributes to helping the environment in the long run! If you are a sustainable home owner or builder, then Australian made uPVC is your new dream product.


The benefits of uPVC for the Australian consumer
As you know, there are a handful of other framing products on the market, at varying price points with different benefits. However, none of these products stand-up against what uPVC offers the Australian consumer. uPVC has high-level, impressive perks. From being weather resistant and long-lasting, to adding extra security and noise-proofing; uPVC is everything you could want from a window framing product. You may be wondering how one product can have so many benefits, and the proof is in the quality of the product and it’s growing popularity.


When purchasing uPVC products for use in Australia, you need to be sure they are being made with Australian conditions in mind. Certain brands of uPVC are manufactured in Europe, where the strain put on the uPVC is much lower, and the uPVC created is best suited to those needs. This standard of uPVC simply won’t withstand Australian conditions, which results in lower efficiency and a quicker deterioration. To be sure the product you’re buying is up to scratch, it is best to purchase uPVC from an Australian manufacturer like Thermotek, who understands your needs, and the quality necessary to maintain against the Australian climate.


Thermotek’s uPVC is time saving too, as uPVC requires little to no maintenance throughout its long life. All you need to do is keep it clean by giving it a wipe down every now and then; much easier than the process of caring for and repairing wooden or aluminium framing alternatives.


Australian made and owned uPVC windows with Thermotek
Thermotek Windows & Doors is an Australian owned double glazing company, with a passion for energy efficiency and sustainable living. Thermotek manufactures their uPVC windows and doors in Australia, for the Australian climate. Our UPVC has higher levels of UV stabiliser, specifically for the needs of our customers. The higher levels of UV stabiliser ensure that the uPVC doesn’t fade under the harsh Australian UV rays. No matter where you are in Australia, Thermotek’s uPVC can withstand any and all conditions.


It is important to know and understand where your uPVC is coming from. It is common for companies to import their uPVC windows and doors from places like Europe. These windows and doors are perfectly suited to European countries, but cannot withstand the extreme temperatures and weather events Australia faces regularly. Sourcing Australian made uPVC windows and doors will make all the difference in the longevity and quality of your windows.


Creating your dream build with Thermotek
At Thermotek, we understand and share your passion for energy efficiency. When building or upgrading with Thermotek, we ensure you have the highest quality products to suit your needs, and this includes Australian made uPVC windows and doors. uPVC is a stylish option for your next project, alongside being sustainable and money saving. We offer a range of windows and doors, in a number of shapes and sizes, so there is something for every style of home or office.


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COVID-19 Update: Stage 4 Lockdown
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