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Double glazing offers countless benefits, but there are a handful of specific reasons why double glazing is so effective and an increasingly popular choice. The Australian climate is ever changing, often harsh, and puts a strain on all elements of your home, including your windows and doors. Double glazing windows help you to combat these conditions by improving your living conditions in a number of ways, from increasing your insulation to reducing your energy bills. Double glazing offers a low maintenance solution to inconsistent temperatures within your home, noise pollution and the increasing cost of bills. Read on to find out the 7 main benefits of double glazing, and how best to take advantage of them.



Double glazed windows offer you a fully insulated alternative to standard windows and doors. You can immediately feel the positive effects of double glazed insulation throughout your home, as it creates a comfortable, consistent environment without having to blast the heating or cooling. At Thermotek Windows & Doors, our windows comprise two panes of glass, insulated with gas and framed in uPVC. By adding the space between the panes, as well as having more than a single pane of glass, the insulation is greatly increased in every size of window or door. The functionality of insulation allows you to stay warm throughout winter, and cool in summer; in turn impressively lowering the amount of energy and heat escaping via your windows.


Reduced Energy Bills

Have you ever looked at your heating bill, and felt a bit dizzy? The cost of living in Australia is rising, and it can often feel overwhelming. Double glazing is a long-term, cost effective solution to help lower your energy bills, and keep them low. By adding an extra element of high quality insulation, the heat can no longer be drawn from your home via your windows, keeping the warmth in and the cost of bills down. By reducing the amount of time you need your heating on, you reduce the amount of energy used which in turn means cheaper heating bills.




Temperature Control

In both winter and summer, different parts of our home or office can become warm or cool while others remain at a more comfortable temperature. The main cause of this is your windows; heat escapes through them in winter.  You can lose up to 38% of your building’s energy through your windows, so it’s no wonder why they play such an important role in temperature control. Double glazing greatly reduces this by adding a layer of insulation, keeping you at a consistent temperature inside regardless of how cool or warm it is outside!


Noise Reduction

Whether it is noisy neighbours, traffic on the roads, or the occasional disturbance, noise pollution can be distracting, disruptive and even upsetting. Double glazed windows can reduce the noise pollution in your home by up to 70%, creating an inviting, peaceful environment for you to live in. This is especially useful for those who have trouble sleeping, or who need that peace and quiet during the day or at work to make the most of their time.


Increased Property Value

When installing high quality double glazing windows or doors, not only do you benefit from the immediate effects, but the value of your home or office benefits as well. At Thermotek, our double glazed windows offer a 9 star energy rating, which is a rather impressive thing to have on your property portfolio. Potential buyers, whether they are environmentally conscious or money savvy, will be impressed and delighted by the fact they are investing in a life-time of reduced bills and less energy wastage.


Low Maintenance

While some double glazing windows require consistent touch-ups, and sometimes even replacements, uPVC framed double glazed windows require little to no attention. uPVC doesn’t rot like its wooden alternatives, and requires no oiling or sanding at any point in it’s life. This allows you less stress, and more time to focus on the things that really matter.



Australian Made

The last major benefit of double glazing is that you can purchase high quality, long lasting double glazed windows that are manufactured in Australia. By purchasing Australian made double glazed windows, not only are you supporting an Australian business but you are also investing money into a product made to withstand Australian conditions. There are many double glazing options out there, but it is important to be wary of those made in Europe. Conditions overseas vary greatly from those in Australia, where the UV rays and changing climate can put a strain on double glazing not suited for such harshities. Australian companies like Thermotek understand Australian conditions, and the quality of their double glazing products is suited specifically to the needs of the Australian climate. It may seem like by increasing the quality, you increase the cost, but don’t worry – at Thermotek, our products are competitively priced to suit any budget or build.



Australian Made Thermotek Windows & Doors

 At Thermotek, we are proud to offer such a high quality, affordable Australian made product. Our double glazed windows and doors give you all of the benefits listed above, as well as being a stylish addition to any build. We offer a number of different double glazing designs and styles, all of the same high quality. We understand the Australian climate, and our double glazed windows and doors are manufactured to the highest quality in accordance with Australian conditions. Manufactured in our Melbourne warehouse, our double glazing windows are a perfect addition to a new or existing build. With competitive prices and fantastic customer service, we offer an unparalleled customer experience, with benefits that will last a lifetime. Contact us today to find out how our windows can help you save the environment, and your wallet.

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COVID-19 Update: Stage 4 Lockdown
We're still here for you!