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5 Reasons To Upgrade your Old Windows to Double Glazed Windows

The windows in our homes are composed of a few elements: the glass itself, a frame and a sealing agent such as putty. Over time, some materials like wood and aluminium become weak and brittle, and the glass can become loose in it’s frame.


These qualities make old windows difficult to upkeep, and cause issues within your home. There are a number of benefits to replacing your old windows with double glazed windows, from energy efficiency to lower bills.


Your windows need to have a stable frame, quality glass panes, and a seal that will last! uPVC framing is a low maintenance, durable framing option, and is longer lasting than its counterparts. Be sure to ask your double glazing company about its products, to ensure you are getting the best deal!


Here are 5 reasons you should upgrade your old windows to double glazed windows:


1 – Increases Energy Efficiency

Double glazed windows are energy efficient. The use of two panes, combined with insulating gases and high quality seals, means less heat can escape in winter, and enter in summer. Older windows often let the warmth escape in winter, putting extra strain on your heating units to attempt to maintain an even temperature inside your home or office.


Insulation saves energy by decreasing the amount of time you need to use heating or cooling, and how high the settings need to be.


Energy efficiency is important for a number of reasons; from saving you money, to having a positive environmental impact. If you are looking for a sustainable, energy efficient choice, double glazing windows with uPVC framing is the ideal choice for your home or next build.


2 – Saves on Energy Bills

The insulation provided by double glazing windows means your heating and cooling units won’t have to work half as hard. By increasing the temperature control within your home, heat is retained in winter and expelled during summer; no more standing under a blaring cooling unit to stay cool!

You will instantly notice the difference in your energy bills, as year round the energy efficient properties of insulation saves you money.


uPVC framing has a superior, air tight seal, which means no air will sneak into your home and cause varying temperatures from room to room. Double glazing windows, framed by uPVC, provide a high quality product that will save you on your energy bills for years to come.


3 – Increases Comfort

There is nothing worse than moving from room to room in summer or winter, and suddenly finding yourself at a completely different temperature. For homes with old windows, some may have worn away faster, allowing the heat to escape in winter and making it unbearable. Older windows can also collect mildew, which encourages the growth of mould, in turn inviting insects into your home.


Double glazing windows make your home or office more comfortable by keeping insects and allergens at bay, as well as controlling the temperature within your home to stay at an even temperature.


4 – Reducing Noise in your Home

External sounds, such as traffic, neighbours and surrounding businesses, enter your home via your windows. Windows with cracked frames, single panes of glass and loose glass are prone to more noise pollution, creating a stressful environment for you to work and live.


Double glazing reduces noise pollution by up to 70%, a much needed upgrade to old windows which are almost always single panes of glass. Just think of the peaceful environment double glazing can help you achieve!


5 – Increases Home Security

Double glazing has many benefits, but did you know increased security is one? In short, two panes of glass are harder to break than one.


In the case of a home invader, they will have to break the panes individually; this takes time, and is a noisy process. After the first pane is broken, chances are you will be alerted to act, or the burglar will give up.


uPVC framing also provides an extra level of safety. They can’t be forced open from the outside, and the tighter seal means this won’t change. Wooden frames, especially old frames, are easily bendable and breakable, and can be a safety hazard for your home. Thermotek also offer the added benefit of multi point locking mechanisms to our uPVC frames, for an even more secure option.


Thermotek Windows & Doors Double Glazed Windows

Thermotek Windows & Doors provide energy efficient double glazing windows, with uPVC framing. We pride ourselves on the many benefits of double glazing, and know that our customers will reap these benefits for years to come.


We care about sustainability, and by using uPVC framing, the lifetime of our windows and frames is truly worth the investment. Not only is uPVC a superior product, it is recyclable too; a truly environmentally friendly product!


Double glazing is an investment in your health, in your savings and in your home! It is important to make the right choice when it comes to such an investment, and choose a company who will support you from start to finish, as well provide a quality product!



Upgrading with Thermotek

Now that you know the many reasons to upgrade your old windows, it’s the perfect time to get the process started! At Thermotek, we can replace your existing windows as well as install double glazing into new builds.


We have a range of window and door options to suit your style needs. We understand that your home is unique, and that your windows and doors are not only practical but also a part of creating a comfortable space. We are happy to work through our options to find a replacement for your old windows that you are comfortable with!


Based in Melbourne, we produce all our products in Victoria and have a showroom in Melbourne. Contact us to start your double glazing journey today.

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COVID-19 Update: Stage 4 Lockdown
We're still here for you!