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Energy efficient homes lead to lower bills, more comfort and ultimately improve property values.

Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of a home is influenced by many factors. But when it comes to products, windows and doors are one of the main ways of achieving a higher energy efficiency rating.

The whole idea of energy efficiency is to achieve something with the least amount of energy usage possible. With windows and doors, energy efficiency is about the product’s ability to help you maintain your ideal home temperature with minimum cost.

The higher your windows and doors energy efficiency rating means the better your windows and doors’ ability to insulate and trap in the air from heating and cooling systems, which then leads to less money spent on heating and cooling your house!

Heat gain and loss in the Australian climate

Wherever you live in Australia, your windows and doors can play a big role in your houses efficiency.

Windows and doors let in light and fresh air, however, they can be a major source of unwanted heat gain.

Winter Heat
0 %
of a home’s heating energy can be lost through windows and doors.
0 %
of a home’s heat can be gained through its doors and windows.
Summer Heat

Energy efficient design


Insulation acts as a barrier to heat flow and is essential for keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer. One of the most effective additions to a home’s insulation is good double glazing. Thermotek double glazing is the most cost-effective way to minimise heat transfer through windows and glazed doors.


Another technology to improve your windows and door energy efficiency is the sash design for controlled airflow. Our window sashes are glued to the pane - increasing the window's water resistance, thermal insulation, and stability. Heat can be lost or gained through windows and glazed doors as air moves through gaps. This can be minimised by installing good seals, however, ventilation is equally important to keep dampness out!

Ventilation & Insulation

Thermotek products hit the perfect balance between ventilation and insulation, by featuring two seals on every opening element and ventilation systems at the top of your window, between the frame and sash. They create a permanent yet controlled flow of air so that you don't have to do it yourself. These simple and highly effective systems create a pleasant atmosphere in a dwelling.

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Improved Performace and Efficiency

Our wide range of glass products can help any building improve its energy efficiency.

Cooler climates:
Low E Glass – can prevent up to 39% of heat loss.
Double Glazing – can prevent up to 55% of heat loss.

Double Glazing with Low E Glass – can prevent up to 70% of heat loss.*

Warmer climates:
Low E Glass – can prevent up to 40% of solar heat gain.
Tinted Low E Glass – can prevent up to 57% of solar heat gain.
Double Glazing with Low E Glass – can prevent up to 77% of solar heat gain.

*Source AGWA. Figures shown are based on heat gain through glass. Data has been calculated using NFRC 100 – 2001 environmental conditions and Window 5.2 software from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (2006). Results may vary depending on actual operating conditions. Savings are in comparison to using 3 mm clear glass.

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